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Bathmate hydro pump is the the new, medically recommended water based penis pump. The clue is the up to 250% increased effectiveness of Bathmate compared to other, conventional vacuum penile pump devices. In contrast to conventional penis pumps, Bathmate uses water instead of air for creating a vacuum.

How does Bathmate work?

The Bathmate system builds on a highly-effective, constant and pleasant vacuum, which is very difficult to create with the help of conventional air-based vacuum pumps. An even pressure distribution serves an even and well-proportioned penis enlargement.

Unfortunate swellings as common with conventional penis enlargement pumps can thereby be avoided. Bathmate is the first premium water-based penis pump, manufactured by Ultramax in Great Britain. The hydro penis pump is the best alternative to traditional, expensive penis enlarger pumps for the purpose of penis enlargement and penis widening.

Are Bathmate results permanent?

Yes, Bathmate is an ultra-effective method to increase your penis length by up to 7,5 cm | 3 inches in length, up to 2,5 cm | 1 inches in girth and to enhance your erectability greatly. The employment of water not only creates a pleasant experience, it also makes the application in shower or bathtub very easy.

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  • 30.04.2017

Bathmate Testimonials

"I won't get in the tub without my Bathmate! One 15-minute pump session is enough to make my penis large and powerful for several hours."

Christian Herbig Germany | Paderborn

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  • Bathmate Results:

    • + 1.8 inches longer penis
    • + 0.6 inches thicker penis

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Bathmate vs regular pump | Benefits of Bathmate

Unlike traditional air based vacuum pumping systems, Bathmate hydro penis enlarger is designed for use in shower and bathtub. All parts of the Bathmate "water pump" are waterproof. Unlike with air based vacuum pumps you don´t need any lubricants for using the Bathmate penis enlargement pump.

Bathmate advantages

The male enhancement practice with the penis water pump ensures constant and even pressure distribution over the entire penis. The penis as a whole becomes bigger, thicker and more powerful. Unwelcome swellings of the sensitive penile tissue, like e.g. beneath the , are avoided.

Another advantage of the penis water pumping is the relatively short practice time. The negative pressure on the penis has an intense effect. Thereby an application time of 15 minutes per day is fully sufficient for obtaining an optimal increase in penis length and girth.

Bathmate can in addition be used as air vacuum penis pump (dual use). Application with water however has proved to be more than twice as effective!

Bathmate video review

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Video 0:45 The Hydromax Latch Valve
Video 1:18 How to Replace the Bathmate Comfort Pad
Video 1:31 How the Bathmate Works

Bathmate instant penis enlargement effect lasting for up to 4 hours!

Bathmate is the only penis enlargement device based on a patented hydraulic technique. The instant penis enlargement effect is impressive already after the first application. Even in flaccid state the penis is bigger, as the can accommodate more blood thanks to Bathmate.

By using Bathmate one can expect an increase in girth of up to 2,5 cm | 1 inches. The more often and regular Bathmate is applied, the thicker and longer the penis will become.

Bathmate makes a permanent penile enlargement of up to 7,5 cm | 3 inches and girth increase of up to 30% possible in flaccid and in erect penis state!

Increase size permanently and naturally
bathmate pictures before and after
bathmate before and after results

Bathmate instant gains

bathmate testimonials

Prepare your penis perfectly for a date. You will gain up to 4 hours of optically much bigger penis size! Your will be much fuller and vascular irrespective of your age. Your sexual stamina will increase and can be avoided. The penis becomes more potent and powerful.

It is a scientifically proven fact that women prefer bigger and thicker penises. Men become more interesting as they appear more potent and potentially able to fully satisfy their female partners on a sexual level.

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Bathmate hydro pump benefits, advantages and disadvantages

Bathmate is a quick, comfortable and affordable way to effectively increase to enhance the penis. The hydro pump provenly opposes , premature ejaculation and even (curved penis).

Bathmate gains and results:

  • Instant penile enlargement effect
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Corrects slight penile curvature
  • Opposes erectile dysfunctions and impotence
  • Harder, stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Permanent penis enlargement of length and girth
  • Stronger and more intense orgasms
  • More satisfaction for your partner

With the help of Bathmate water pump you will enlarge your penis permanently, achieve higher erectability, get better control over ejaculations and have a much more potent sexual life!

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Does Bathmate really works? | Shower enlargement pump

Bathmate hydro penis enlargement pump enables an extension of the penile spongy bodies. Pressure caused by water and traction lead to tissue expansion. The creation of the vacuum itself is very simple. You just have to press the cylinder of the pumping system against your body a couple of times.

In releasing the original shape of Bathmate is restored as the corpus cavernosum of the penis expands. A one way valve prevents additional water from getting into the Bathmate pump.

As a consequence more blood flows into the penis and the erection gains in size and strength. As the water inside the Bathmate acts as fluid-solid-matter, which means it can neither be compressed nor expanded, only the penis can expand to substitute the volume vacated by the water.

The more water leaves the Bathmate, the bigger the pull which is exerted on the cavernous bodies of the penis!

Instant and permanent penis enlargement

Unlike other penile pumping devices, Bathmate works with minimum traction and maximum expansion power (huge extension). Bathmate brings you maximum growth without any side effects.

The more regular Bathmate is applied, the better the results for penis enlargement, erection strengthening and orgasm enhancement will be!
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  • 26.08.2017

PeniMaster Pro Testimonials

"It's invisible, and pain-free, so I can use it under my pants — even while I'm at work."

Marius Richter Germany | Duisburg

  • Results:

    • + 1.8 inches longer penis
    • + 0.6 inches thicker penis
How to use Bathmate? | Bath buddy pump

The Bathmate is completely filled with water. The flaccid penis is then inserted into the cylinder. Then the penis enlarger pump is pressed against the while the foldable bellows (flexible plastic) gets smaller. The excess water is then expelled through the tip of the Bathmate.

For a stronger vacuum the cylinder can simply be compressed. This way the water escapes through the upper valve, the penis further extends inside the Bathmate and the exercised pressure on the cavernous bodies is increased.

Bathmate increase pressure

In case the pressure is either to high or you want to take the Bathmate off, it is enough to press the valve at the tip of the Bathmate to release the water along with the vacuum. After that the Bathmate can easily be removed.

The Bathmate penis pump should be used for no more than 15 minutes a day!

Bigger and stronger erections!

In order to increase the erectability of the penis you can use a cock ring in addition to the daily 15 minute practice with the Bathmate when the training is complete. This way the blood is prevented from flowing out of the penis and a strong, full state of erection can be preserved. It is however not recommended to use the for more than 30 minutes.

Bathmate is also applicable without water. However, application with water has proven to be up to 250% more effective!

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The Original Water Pump | Just Add Water

Bathmate application in the shower or the bathtub! | Instruction manual

1. Step: Preparation

Fill the bathtub or whirlpool with sufficient hot water so you can sit comfortably with the belly being covered. Bathe or shower for 5 minutes to loosen up the penis and the .

Now completely submerge the Bathmate or fill it with water if you are in the shower until it is full.

2. Step: Putting on the Bathmate

Insert the erected penis into the hydro penis pump. While putting on the Bathmate make sure the collar is facing towards the scrotum. This will reduce the pressure on the scrotum and seal up the device completely off.

Position the Bathmate evenly around the penis and push the scrotum slightly backwards to avoid an unpleasant feeling. Then press the male enlargement pump downwards against the body.

3. Step: Vacuum build-up with the Bathmate

The water penis pump is now moved back in forth in direction of the pelvis several times to build up the necessary vacuum while excess water can escape through the inlet valve.

Repeat the procedure until no more water leaves through the valve. When no further pumping is possible the optimum vacuum has been established.

Just keep showering | bathing for 5 more minutes and pump whenever you feel like it in order to maintain an optimum vacuum level. If you should feel that the vacuum becomes too strong, the Bathmate pressure can be reduced by simply pressing on the inlet valve by which the vacuum is reduced.

4. Step: Vacuum reduction | Taking off the Bathmate

After 15 minutes of Bathmate training you simply remove the male enhancement pump. Therefor press the inlet valve until the vacuum has completely dissipated and the enlargement pump can safely be removed.

We recommend to remove the Bathmate while you are still in the bathtub | shower. This way you can enjoy the thrilling Bathmate results immediately.

Bathmate cleaning instructions

A cleaning brush comes with the water enlargement pump. For cleaning just fill the sink with warm water and clean the pump with the help of the brush from the in- and outside. The Bathmate tip has a dent through which the fastening can carefully be opened. Make sure the small middle part inside does not get lost in the process. The inlet valve can know be cleaned with the help of a Q-tip e.g..

If the Bathmate valve is dirty you can pour some alcohol on the Q-tip before cleaning it. The Bathmate cylinder features another valve (black) above the cylinder. This valve can be removed by creating pressure. The valve consists of two parts which both need to be cleaned. To complete the cleaning you now just have to clean the cylinder opening and the Bathmate is ready for the next pump session.

Bathmate is made of unbreakable polycarbonate, skin friendly rubber and stainless steel.

Hydropump Bathmate testimonials and experience

The new and 100% effective penis enlargement method with Bathmate is a real alternative to conventional air-based vacuum pumps.

Helps with much more than just penis enlargement

Bathmate builds up a constant and comfortable vacuum on the cavernous bodies as no traditional penis pump can. Also, the pumping with water assists the circulation in the penis cell tissue furthering faster penis growth.

During the simple and quick application of Bathmate no lubricant or oil is necessary. The Bathmate exercises are limited to a mere 15 minutes practice a day. The shower enlargement pump has no side effects and works amazingly effective. The instant enlargement effect provides an optical penis enlargement that lasts up to 4 hours and can be achieved by only 15 minutes of daily exercise!

The affordable pricing and the easy application of the bath buddy pump along with its great results have convinced us. Thanks to the unique patented mode of action of the Bathmate, the user can obtain exceptional results. This makes the Bathmate one of the best pumping devices there is on the male enhancement market!

Bathmate Pump BEST PRICE

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