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Class 1 medical product and conforms to the , satisfies Standards EN 980, , and EN ISO 10993-1

Phallosan forte results:
Permanent penis elongation, more penis circumference, enlargement of the glans, straightening of curvatures, improvement of the erection, therapeutic fields of application


Phallosan forte buy online The Phallosan forte extender belt can be worn to the side of the body. Thanks to the newly developed phallosan forte protector cap, not only is the penis permanently enlarged, it also gets bigger all the way down from the glans.

Phallosan forte results: is helpful with potency problems, also corrects penis curvature as it straightens the penis. Its effectiveness has been proven in a Phallosan forte clinical study in 2005.

The Phallosan forte belt unites all those positive functions in one device. That is why we recommend this stretch belt to men who aim at high penis length increases in a comparably short time.

Phallosan forte gains | Within just 6 month 4,8 cm (1.9 inches) in length and up to 2,3 cm (0.9 inches) in width can be achieved with the Phallosan forte device!

Phallosan forte before after
Phallosan forte results before and after pictures

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  • 13.10.2017

Phallosan forte testimonials

"I looked for an inexpensive method, without surgery, for a long time! With Phallosan forte my penis grew larger with no trouble or pain, while I slept!"

Steffen Lange Germany | Munich

  • Phallosan forte results:

    • + 2.2 inches longer penis
    • + 0.8 inches thicker penis

Phallosan forte belt review | Helps your penis growth even while you sleep!

Phallosan forte review results

Phallosan forte extender is a patented orthopedic belt system + App for better results in less time. The system can be worn painlessly for several hours a day.

— Perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts

The stretching belt is a medical product which has been developed according to the guidelines of European Health authorities as a Type-1 medical device. It carries the CE safety symbol.

It is the consistent further development of Penis Plus+, another penis stretch device also presented and tested on

The Phallosan forte system has been developed for purposes of non-surgical penis enhancement. The belt also applies in cases of light erectile problems, penile curvature and penis shortening.

The Phallosan forte´s success is based on an easy to handle and operate, pain-free stretching of the penis and its cavernous bodies. Long-term Phallosan forte application leads to permanent penis enlargement and increase in girth.

Phallosan forte "made in Germany" is using the medical principle of continuous tissue stretching which has been known to primitive tribes for hundreds of years. Thanks to its unique protector cap the Phallosan forte can be worn painlessly even at night.
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  • 18.11.2017

Phallosan forte experience

"Phallosan forte straightened my penis, which had always bent to the right. It's also much bigger, stronger and more powerful than before."

Detlef Mars Germany | Marburg

  • Phallosan forte results:

    • + Straightens curved penises
    • + 4 cm longer penis

phallosan forte works Phallosan forte works! The procedure is based on findings on cell division and tissue formation as a result of mechanical tissue stretching in medicine. Also, insights from the scientific field of ethnology have been useful in the development of the belt like the lengthening or enlarging of ear lobes, lips or the penis found in indigenous African and Indian people.

The body´s ability of tissue growth is based on the cell´s reaction to stimulus, it divides and grows. The difference to the Penis Plus+ is that traction power is not transmitted on the penis by a noose but a special sealing condom made of silicon, which can also adjust to a potential erection.

Therefore Phallosan forte,as opposed to PenisPlus+, can also be worn at night!

Painless application and high wearing comfort thanks to the Phallosan forte protector cap! Phallosan forte girth: Through the permanent under pressure of the condom the girth of the penis also increases, which thanks to the new protector cap technology now also includes the glans. The device therefore also contributes to an increase of your penis width.

The Phallosan forte also enlarges the glans, as traction is exerted via vacuum technique starting at the glans. Other devices start exerting traction power only behind the glans.

Phallosan forte extender application

Phallosan forte Video

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  • 03.12.2017

Phallosan forte opinie

"Penis traction devices like Phallosan forte are verifiably the most successful treatment for natural penis enlargement, with a success rate of 97.5% — without surgery!"

Urological Medical CenterAndrology Clinic

  • Phallosan forte results:

    • + More penis length
    • + Greater penis size

Phallosan forte testimonials and experience

Phallosan in " Bild"
Phallosan has been successfully tested in clinical trials. This has not gone . Read the article that was written by Bild about this study!

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February 2005 issue

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May-June 2003 issue

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November 2002 issue

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July 2003 issue

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phallosan studies

15. April 2005

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Phalllosan forte test

August 2013 issue

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Phallosan Erfahrungen

February 2005 issue

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June 2009 issue

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Phallosan forte video | Germanys ARD TV station in BRISANT

Easy, painless and safe application of the Phallosan forte extender

First, the silicon condom is rolled over the penis and fastened with a latex ribbon to avoid the influx of air.

This way a slight under pressure tension is guaranteed.

Next, the belt is put on and the penis inserted through the padded noose.

Then the belt is lead around the body and tied to the condom again with a clip. No the traction exerted on the penis can be adjusted by the belt.

By the force caused through traction on the stretch condom, suction is caused which then again is evenly, and therefore painlessly and gently, distributed over the whole penis shaft.

Applying the phallosan forte belt needs a little training in the beginning, with time however it will become very easy to handle!

  • 610
  • 19.09.2017

Phallosan forte experience

"For a long time we had almost no intimacy at all. Thanks to Phallosan forte, we have more sex than ever now, and we are full of joy and vitality!"

Maria & Jürgen Schulze Germany | Hanover

  • Results of gains:

    • + Harder, longer-lasting erections
    • + More potency & desire for sex
Phallosan forte gains and Phallosan forte experience
Phallosan forte gains experience

We have ordered the Phallosan forte online from the manufacturer and paid with credit card. Payment per Paypal, wire transfer or cash on delivery is also possible.

Thanks to a two weeks return guarantee with no questions asked, you are not running any risks purchasing Phallosan forte. If you do not like the product, just send it back to the manufacturer within two weeks of the purchase.

The shipment only took two days and we received the product delivered in a neutral package. Also, there were no hints on the account receipt regarding the nature of the product.

The Phallosan forte shipment. We received the following items:

Phallosan forte discount

  • 1x Elastic belt incl. foam-rubber ring (1)
  • 1x Protector cap (5)
  • 1x Tension clip with tension spring attachment(6)
  • 1x Suction ball with 3-way valve (7)
  • 1x Measuring template
  • 1x Suction bell in size L | L-sleeve (2)
  • 1x Suction bell in size M | M-sleeve (3)
  • 1x Suction bell in size S | S-sleeve (4)
  • 1x Instructions for use
  • 4x FREE sleeves in each package (1x S, 2x M, 1x L)
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  • 03.12.2017

Phallosan forte Testimonials

"I've tried various penile training methods over the past 5 years. The Phallosan forte is the safest and most effective penis enlargement method that I have ever used. Phallosan forte made my dream of having a larger penis come true!"

Björn Mehrdamm Germany | Heligoland

  • Phallosan forte results:

    • + 2.1 inches longer penis
    • + 0.9 inches thicker penis

Our test person (32 years of age) applied the Phallosan forte for 6 months, 4 days a week, every time for 8 hours. After two days the belt was switched from left to right respectively. After a couple of days familiarizing with the device, applying the device had become very easy.

The traction on the penis was constantly increased from month to month. The belt was applied in bed and at night too. On these occasions it was hardly noticeable and did not even impede on slight morning erections. However this drawback faded in light of the astonishing results our test person had achieved after 6 months.

At the end of the test period the penis had been enlarged by 2,4 cm (0.9 inches) in flaccid state and 3,9 cm (1.5 inches) in erected state. The penis diameter had at the same time increased from 4,8 cm (1.9 inches) to 5,6 cm (2.2 inches).

Phallosan forte is perfect for real penis growth and best penis enlargement results.

Phallosan forte review and test

Due to easily adjustable traction, it is no problem to wear Phallosan forte for 4, 6, or even 12 hours at a stretch.

Thanks to the Phallosan forte condom it is even for people with a relatively small glans possible to enlarge their penis for hours without the penis slipping out of the noose.

The big advantage of flexible stretchers in comparison to rigid ones is that one can wear them discreetly under clothes. The penis is tugged tightly to the body (both sides possible) which makes the device almost unnoticeable.

With the CE-symbol and the high wearing comfort, the stretch-belt is a professional medical product.

Phallosan forte is a very good and effective penis stretcher that is hardly noticeable under clothes and which can be worn painlessly the whole day - our conclusion: very recommendable!

Phallosan forte test study