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SpeedBig PeniMaster effect: Optical penis enlargement in its flaccid state

PeniMaster results:
Natural way to increase penile length and penile girth (flaccid and erect), foreskin restoration and penile curvature straightening


The patented medical penile extender PeniMaster from Germany was developed for non-surgical, plastic cosmetical extension, boldness and penile curvature correction.

Best quality and medical technology | Made in Germany

The PeniMaster application has a positive impact on the and increases the erectile function and .

This medical penile enlargement device is a further development of conventional penis enlargement products.

PeniMaster Chrome extender looks like similar products but represents substantial technical and constructive advantages by comparison to standard penile extender devices.

The PeniMaster convinces with its easy handling, reliability, safe use and visible successes, as this quality product was designed for permanent penile enlargement treatment and maximum durability.

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  • 15.11.2017

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More information
  • PeniMaster results:

    • + 1.9 cm inches longer penis
    • + 0.6 cm inches thicker penis

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PeniMaster enlargement is safe and easy in its application!

The male enhancement extender is suited for uncircumcised as well as for circumcised men of all ages and can be easily adjusted to each penis size without third-party-help (e.g. the urologist).

The male extender can be worn in everyday life easyly without being seen under loose-fitting pants. Even an while wearing is no problem with the PeniMaster Chrome.

Through soft and gentle stretching the formation of new cells is stimulated. By an application of a minimum of 6 hours a day, lasting PeniMaster results are guaranteed!

Which PeniMaster gains can be expected with the medical penile extender?

An penile enlargement by 20 to 30% is likely with the help of PeniMaster Chrome. The penis length can be further increased by extending the wearing periods up to a permanent 12 hours!

The longer you wear the PeniMaster Chrome, the greater the penis enlargement effect that can be expected.

Successful penile enlargement depends on a continoued application and the individual enlargement objective.

  • Bent penis correction | penile deviations are visibly moderated
  • Sexual desire, greater efficiency and harder erections can be expected
  • Extension of the penis 0,5 cm (0.2 inches) in a relaxed state (per month)
  • PeniMaster gains: Natural penile enlargement 0,75 cm (0.3 inches) in erectied state (per month)
  • PeniMaster results: Penis girth increases "realistically" up to 2 cm (0.8 inches)
  • Efficiency proven in clinical PeniMaster studies
  • Instant penis enlargement effect after just 30 minutes upon application
  • Foreskin regrowth or restoration
The penis is proportionally prolonged in the relaxed and the erected state. The natural penile enlargement method applies to all arousal states alike!

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Save 15% and get up to $29 back when you order here!

Instant penis enlargement | With the SpeedBig PeniMaster Chrome effect you will get a large penis immediately!

PeniMaster The PeniMaster has an immediate size effect on the penis, as the erectile tissue is enlargeded due to the stretching.

Increase penile length and girth immediately

The fast, optical optical penile enlargement is already starting after 30 minutes application of the penile traction device.

The effect produced by the penis enlarger is very obvious and you will be well equiped for the forthcoming sexual contact after exercising with the Master!

The SpeedBig PeniMaster Chrome effect makes the penis immediately appear longer and thicker for up to two hours. So you are big, showing your maximum penis size during intercourse.

How long should the PeniMaster penis straightener be used?

You should apply PeniMaster Chrome daily for at least three hours. However, longer wearing improves the result! After every 60 to 90 minutes take a 15 minutes break and massage the penis to stimulate the blood circulation.

These short breaks will encourage penis growth. You can wear the PeniMaster rod extender - after a couple of days of familiarization - as long as you like under loose-fitting clothes (please think of the breaks every 60 to 90 minutes!).

Wearing the male extender for 6 or more hours per day will lead to optimal growth results. There is basically no time limit on how many weeks or months you can use the PeniMaster Chrome. Far from it, the longer you wear the PeniMaster, the more satisfying the male enlargement results will be.

It is advised against night treatment as during sleep no regenerative massage breaks can be made, which can potentially lead to injury.

What is the best wearing duration of PeniMaster Chrome?

The minimum wearing time for a visible success is approximately three hours a day over a period of one month.

The male enhancement treatment extends over several hours a day for a total period of several months until the desired result of the penis is achieved.

A wearing time of over 12 hours also does not yield better male enhancement results, because the tissue needs a certain period of regeneration as the broken tissue, damaged by the stretching, needs time to heal and grow.

The application time can also be divided over the day. 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon e.g.. The longer the stretching time, the bigger the penis!


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What if the application with the penis extender device is interrupted?

No problem! If the penile extender device has previously been applied for more than 4 weeks, the results are permanent and the increase in size will last. In the first four weeks, the penis enlargement is based only on tissue stretching and not on the reconstruction and creation of new cells.

Penile enlargement treatment can always be interrupted and continued at a later point. The acquired extension of the penis stays!

PeniMaster video | Application and benefits

PeniMaster Chrome BONUS SALE

Save 15% and get up to $29 back when you order here!

Try the PeniMaster for 30 days with full Money Back Guarantee!

3 years warranty on all PeniMaster parts (except for straps and comfort strips) regarding material or manufacturing defects. Repair or replacement are free of charge.

You have a 30 days testing period, to test the full benefits of the PeniMaster Chrome.

In case the penis enlargement device does not live up to your expectations, you have the chance to send the product back, in which case you will get back the full purchase price including costs for shipping and delivery and sending back the product.

So you have no financial risk whatsoever with buying the Penimaster Chrome.

Not up to your expectations? Simply send back the PeniMaster Chrome within three weeks and you will get your money back!

No risk with the order of Penimaster!
Penis-King experience and test reports on PeniMaster Chrome!

We have ordered the PeniMaster online from the manufacturer and paid the bill via credit card. A payment by PayPal, bank transfer and cash is also possible.

After the PeniMaster order had been successfully completed we immediately received a confirmation mail to our E-mail account including the receipt, which was ready for print.

After only 3 upon payment to the manufacturer, we received a neutral, white box without any indication as to the content, only the name of the sender was printed on the outside: MSP Concept company.

Our test person wore the Penimaster Chrome for a whole year. The duration of penis enlargement treatment was always in the range of the optimum 6-12 hours as recommended by the manufacturer.

The test person had a slight penis curve, a condition which already improved noticeably after only a month of application. In addition, an extra 0,4 centimeters (0.2 inches) extension in the relaxed and incredible 0,55 centimeters (0.22 inches) in erected state could be logged.

After a year our test person had reached a huge length growth of +4.8 cm (1.9 inches). The procedure had also helped to increase the penis girth by 1,5 cm (0.6 inches). The penis curve had been completely straightened. | Conclusion PeniMaster Chrome!

increase penis size naturally The PeniMaster Chrome is a very recommendable, high-quality penile enlargement product, whose effectiveness has been proven in various medical studies and is also guaranteed by the manufacturer.

If you search for a particularly fast, secure and lasting method for the lengthening of your penis, we recommend the Penimaster for non-surgical, plastic-cosmetical extension and penis straightening.

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Save 15% and get up to $29 back when you order here!