Before we come to the actual penis exercises, you need a penis warm up exercise. The warming up the penis is very important, since the penis muscle needs to be prepared for the penile exercises to come. A good penile warm up is also the best prevention against injuries during the penis workout.

penis warm up exercises

It will also help you to achieve penis enlargement results more quickly and easily. There are many different penis warm up methods: lie down e.g. in the bathtub and have some warm water run down your penis.

This way the blood flow in the penis is being stimulated and the penis becomes larger. You are surely aware of the sorry state of your penis in cold surroundings, it tends to be small and withdrawn.

Those are not the best preconditions for a successful male enhancement workout. Another penis warm up technique works with a small cloth which you put into hot water and wring it out. Then you take the cloth and wrap it around your penis for about 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure if necessary.

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Learn about the different penis warm up techniques in our penis enlargement workout!

penile warm up techniques

Instead of the wash-cloth you can also use one of the reusable , which are widely available in pharmacies, most department stores and supermarkets. These packs consist of stable plastic bags containing a gel-like fluid.

Heat up one of the packs in hot water for about 10 minutes before you wrap it around your penis. The gel stores the heat and releases it gradually onto the skin.

Please make sure the pack is not too hot and feels still pleasant when you put it on!

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How to warm up before penis enlargement exercise? | Warming up the penis

penis warm up methods

A rather unusual but nevertheless very effective jelqing warm up routine is a sock filled with rice. Simply put the rice sock into the microwave or onto the stove for a couple of minutes and then wrap it around the penis.

No matter which warming up pe exercises you prefer, the warming up of the muscle will surely benefit you and help you carrying out the penis exercises more smoothly and with greater success.

Always make sure the initial temperature of the warm up help- devices is appropriate. This way you won´t injure the sensitive penis muscle tissue.

You have completed the warm up for penis stretching. Now start the penis enlargement workout!