This PC muscle exercises for male are an additional penis stretching enlargement to increase your penis size. It can very well be practised in addition to your regular penile workout program. The Muscle Power exercise in hand is an intensive PC muscle training which is carried out in connection with the .

If you are not yet familiar with this pelvic floor exercise for man, please read the related article on our website, because the "Muscle Power" PC muscle exercise is a part of it. The combination of both exercises results in a strengthening of the muscles and subsequently an enlargement of the penis linked to a bigger profile of the PC muscle. The process is similar to the muscle build-up in professional bodybuilding.

Natural male enhancement exercise

A towel might help you in carrying out the Kegel exercise for man. Alternatively you can also use your palm to push down the erect penis while doing the Kegel exercise. The technique Kegel exercise causes an upward penis . At the same time your resistance is channeled into the opposite direction (with towel or palm) down against the muscle power. This penile exercise for premature ejaculation will speed up growth and make the tendons more elastic.

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Before you begin practising it is necessary to produce a full-fledged erection. Once the erection reaches peak level, take a towel (or the palm of your hand) for help. Cover the glans with it and press the penis slowly and softly as far as possible towards the ground.

Make sure the penis is pressed down no further than to a level horizontal to the ground!

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PC muscle training | Muscle Power step-by-step

Grab the towel at its ends for better pressure exertion. Now include the PC muscle exercise by tightening the PC muscle as it is described in our Workshop article .

Here it is important to keep the penis in position (without Kegels). You will see that this raises the difficulty explains as the Kegels exercise forces the penis upwards. However, remain steadfast and do not give way.

Bear the tension in the PC muscle and the concurrent pressure from above for a duration of 10 seconds. Afterwards the penis can come up again. For the next round you bring your penis once more up to maximum size.

We recommend "Muscle Power" only as an additional natural male enhancement exercise. Include the exercise a total of 5 times into your main penile workout plan. Do not carry it out back-to-back, instead combine it with other penile enlargement exercises.

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