The (PCM) is one of the muscles encompassing the male and female genitals in the area of the . It runs roughly along a line from to . It is located 2-3 cm | 0.78"- 1.15" below the skin surface and features a shape resembling the figure 8. The pelvic muscle consists of three layers and is about as big as a hand. It protects the inner organs from compression, it carries and supports them.

kegel exercises

In 1995 it was Gerhard H. Eggetsberger who for the first time succeeded in measuring the human sexual energy, which represents a huge life energy, in his laboratory and thereby scientifically proving its existence. Based on his findings he developed a new procedure for charging the brain with energy.

The energy supply source is constituted by the correct activation of the pelvic muscle (Pubococcygeus) - the PCM. The pelvic muscle exercise was assigned the name Kegels exercise.

Kegels exercise benefits | PC muscle exercise results

The Kegels exercise can be conducted by men, women and even kids alike. It does not require special skills or dexterity. A strong PC muscle gives women tighter and stronger vaginal walls. As a result reaching the becomes easier. Kegels for men: In men a strong PC muscle makes the more enduring.

During the PC muscle training the energy flow through the body is being harmonized; negative congestions are relieved. This means, the Kegel technique has an immediate effect as lots of life energy is pumped into the brain of the exercising person. The energy flows through the spinal cord where it diffuses into the nervous system thus activating the . Through regular repetition the effect steadily increases and leads to an increased charging of the brain.

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PC muscle strengthening | More powerful erection | Delay premature ejaculation

The PC muscle exercise can be used to cure orgasm problems effectively by channeling enough energy through the PC muscle into the brain making an orgasm possible. Practice does not take long, a couple of minutes a day are enough. The Kegel PC muscle exercises can be carried out almost everywhere. Gerhard H. Eggetsberger found out that PC muscle training is a real fountain of youth. concentration, sexual stamina and general wellbeing.

Furthermore the Kegel exercises training triggers the production of happiness hormones which is reflected by the radiant charisma exercisers show after practice. The practice also increases concentration, motivation and the ability to assert yourself in your job, at school and in sports. In private life the PC muscle training is a real miracle worker when it comes to sexual problems. It enhances the and even helps with , lack of lust and illnesses.

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Fascinating! Gerhard H. Eggetsberger is of the opinion that all geniuses in arts, science, management or policy are actively applying this energy. All charismatic figures in world history had it. Who has only few of this energy will fall behind inevitably and be average at best!

Kegels for men

The system, counts amongst the oldest cabalas from India. Kundalini is classical tradition across the borders of religious believes. Although it originates in , it has fertilized , and as part of tantric tradition becoming a part of .

Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of energy, is a science, a way that has been existing for thousands of years, which has however only been described cryptically in old books. The Kundalini energy is considered "sleeping" in humans (Kundalini means "The coiled one" symbolically for a sleeping serpent on the pelvis floor).

It can be awakened in different degrees step by step. The western science has always been sceptical and even refusing it as this Kegel exercise method is not based on a clear scientific foundation and therefor could not provide hard proof. The common stance was: "What can not be explained and measured, does not exist."

ED problems? Kegel exercises training will help you strengthen PC muscles again!

This perception changed suddenly with the ground breaking findings on the PC muscle. The tests were repeated many times, scientists and doctors flocked to the laboratory and could observe the results for themselves. The positive effects on the brain and the sexual performance had been scientifically proven.

The PC muscle training program positively influences the angle of the male erection which decreases with age. The PCM training does not only increase the erection angle but also provides you with substantially more power and energy.

Is the PC muscle weak, the erection will be weak and you will feel weak too. You can check the state of your penis with the help of a simple PC muscle test.

The is indicative of the biological age and health state of a man. The biological age herein is not always the same as the real age.

The penis of a young, healthy adolescent e.g. assumes a 45 degree angle, which matches the angle of the thumb.

— The angle of the erection changes with age

How to find your PC muscle? | PC muscle location

1. method | Find PC muscle male

Undress and lie down on the ground on your back. Take a small mirror and put it on the (dam) between your legs (the area between anus and genitals). Now tense up the PC muscle by trying to suck air through the anus into the body. If the pubococcygeus muscle is already strong enough, observe the protruding of the dam, which is exactly where the PC muscle is located. Shouldn´t you make any observations just yet, don´t worry! We show you the right practice PC muscle techniques which will lead you to success within several weeks!

2. method | Where is the PC muscle?

Probably the most simple method is to pause and hold the urine jet while urinating without contracting either abdominal, gluteal or thigh muscles. The muscles surrounding the anus can be used during the Kegel method exercise. For best results you should carry out the exercise right after you start urinating as the urine stream is strongest at this point.

The PC muscle is exactly the muscle you are carrying out the exercise with. If you are in possession of a strong pubococcygeus muscle you should be able to interrupt the urine jet at any time. For this exercise it is important to exclusively activate the PC muscle, leaving out belly, thigh and gluteal muscles. Before you start with the practice you should be able to isolate the Kegels muscle (PCM) and activate it individually.

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Pelvic muscle build-up with Kegel exercises for men | Kegel workout

For this PC muscle exercises for male sit upright on a chair and make sure your spine is absolutely straight. Now bend your head slightly forwards, close your eyes and try to relieve the tension from your back, shoulders, neck, arms and head. Now tense up the PC muscle for 3 seconds by bracing the closing muscle.

This will feel as if the whole pelvis bottom area is pulling upwards. Breathe in slowly and evenly. With exhaling you relieve the tension completely. Keep the relaxation phase likewise for 3 seconds and try to actively relax. Both phases are equally important.

Carry out the PC exercises for guys for no longer than 10 minutes at a time!

After one week of pelvic muscles training will already have increased in strength and power. Intensify the exercise by prolonging the respective phases up to 10 seconds. Repeat the PC muscle stretch for 5 minutes before you take a 1 minute break.

Then tense up your muscles quickly 10 times followed by relaxation. Repeat this procedure 3 times in a row.

PC muscle reps

Summary: 10 seconds tense up, 10 seconds relaxation, 5 times alternating; then 1 minute pause. Repeat the procedure 3 times in total! Practice the technique at least 2 times a day for 15 minutes. Regular and frequent practice is a precondition for a strong PC muscle You will feel the PC muscle growing stronger with every practice unit.

Male Kegel exercises side effects

However, start every practice slowly and then increase the intensity gradually to avoid PC muscle pain. In that case you should give it a 2-3 days rest before you resume the practice. Incorporate the workout with other things you have to do anyway, e.g. working at your desk or while driving. This way you will use your time efficiently. After this basic PC muscle workout you can now start including the following PC muscle exercises into your daily practice.

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The slow PC muscle exercise | Kegel exercises for men step by step

For smooth energy flow and the related improvement of the erection angle you should follow the male Kegel workout plan below:

  1. Close your eyes and look towards the base of your nose under the closed lids. There should be no tension between forehead and eyes.
  2. Put your tongue on the gums without experiencing any pressure.

For maximum Kegels exercise results keep up the position of the eyes and tongue!

Now sit down upright and keep your spine straight for the energy to flow uninhibitedly. Now tense up your pelvic muscle for 10 seconds while breathing in as much air as possible and keep it until the 10 seconds contraction time of the PCM is up. Now relax the PC muscle for just as long while breathing slowly out until the end of the 10 seconds.

It is very important to take your time during the PC muscle relaxation phase. It gives the pelvic muscle time to recover and gain strength for the next exercise. Repeat the exercise between 20 and 30 times depending on the strength of your PC muscle! With a stronger pelvic muscle 20 repetitions might be enough to keep the PC muscle strength level.

If it is hard for you to follow through with the pelvic muscle exercise, try 30 repetitions to further build-up and strengthen the muscle. When you are finished, remain seated for another minute and relax! Slowly take your tongue off the gums and bring your eyes back into their normal position and open them.

The fast PC muscle exercise | How to do Kegels exercise?

As for all Kegel exercises you need to straighten your spine completely. For smooth energy flow and the related improvement of the erection angle you should follow the training program below:

  1. Close your eyes and look towards the base of your nose under the closed lids. There should be no tension between forehead and eyes.
  2. Put your tongue on the gums without experiencing any pressure.

For maximum results keep up the position of the eyes and tongue!

Tense up the PC muscle while breathing in. The breathing in should be impulsive and not take longer than 1-2 seconds. Then abruptly relax the PCM while breathing out. The relaxation phase should be an equal 1-2 seconds long. Now move on to the next tense up phase immediately. Repeat the Kegel exercise 30 times, which means 30 times breathing in then out followed by 30 times breathing out then in.

More repetitions are not advisable in light of the PC muscles need for regeneration. When you are finished, remain seated for another minute and relax! Slowly take your tongue off the gums and bring your eyes back into their normal position and open them. The Kegel exercise causes a decrease in the skin conductance which is the electrical conductance of the skin. The skin conductance is mainly influenced by the .

The perspiratory glands is controlled by the and can therefor not directly controllable, just indirectly through special techniques like the PC muscle exercise. When sweat is produced the conductance of the skin for electricity increases and the value for skin conductance along with it.

The skin conductance is measured e.g. in the framework of training or during tests. Recently the method has found its way into psychological experiments where it is used to measure the state of arousal in regard to a certain stimulus.

Kegel exercises have positive effects on the inner energy as it gives the body a better tone.

A medical study conducted on 1000 catholic priests showed, that is much more common amongst compared to the rest of the male population. This leaves the conclusion that sexual austerity might actually be harmful to the ones practicing it. That is why it is important to practice the PCM and to be sexually active as it is the best way to keep your sexual organs and the glands healthy!