V-Stretch exercise | Easy penis stretching for maximum natural penis enlargement

V-Stretch exercise is a variation of the penis method, only more intense. During this penis training, a greater traction is exercised on and . Unlike the normal penile stretching, you need both hands for this natural penis enlargement exercise. By employing both hands the stretch can be carried out in a more sensitive and controlled way than is possible with normal penis extenders.

The v stretches exercise basically increases the pressure, so the tension at the cross section of the penis is intensified. With this high intensity penis exercise you do not only stretch the entire , but also increase the overall penis training´s efficiency through the additional individual pressure exerted on the various penis zones. Looked at from the side, the penis enlargement exercise shows a V-shaped profile, hence the name "V-Stretch".

The penis has to be completely relaxed for this penile stretching exercise!

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How to do a V-Stretch? | Detailed exercise information for the perfect penis stretching

Start the V-Stretch PE as described in the stretching exercise of our penile workout plan. Like all our other natural penis enlargement exercises start with a to avoid any muscle strain or serious injury. Make sure the Warm Up includes the penis shaft as well as the ligaments covering the .

V-Stretch Workout | Step by step

For this natural penis enlargement exercise (same as in the Stretching exercise) form an OK-grip with forefinger and thumb and put it around the penis directly behind the . Throughout the exercise the right hand remains in this position without actively stretching the penis.

Now take the left hand and grab the middle section of the penis. Press down the left hand while moving the right hand (still in position at the glans) upwards. It should take about 20 seconds to complete the penile size increase exercise. Repeat the V-Stretch technique a total of 10-times (10 minutes).

Take a short break after each set. Shake your penis softly or gently clap him against your thigh. By doing so you will stimulate the blood flow and optimize the V-Stretch results. We recommend to vary the grip position, for example place the fore- and middle finger on the underside of the penis and pull it up carefully. You can also draw the grip closer to the shaft or the glans.

This way you can target individual zones and train them directly. It is important to exert pressure on all parts of the penis shaft evenly and not just on the middle section.


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