Our body is equipped with an astonishing mechanism which allows it to reproduce cells to compensate for wear and tear phenomenons and to prevent injuries to a certain degree. A good example in this respect are the holy in India, the in the north of Uganda and also many other Central-African tribes.

With the ancient methods enormous natural penis enlargement gains of the penis where achieved, in some cases up to unbelievable 45 cm (17.7 inches)!
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Penis stretching results | Your way to natural penis enlargement

natural penis enlargement

The penis is actually much longer than it appears to be from the outside due to the fact that a part of the penis is hidden inside the body. This part leads and is attached to a .

Stretch penile suspensory ligament: This is the main starting point for surgical penis enlargement, a process in which the ligament is severed, a piece of it gets pulled out before it is reattached to the penis. This penis enlargement method is not a real penile enlargement.

The expansion of the suspensory ligament plays an important role for the penile stretching exercises. During the smoothly exercised pulling power on the penis, caused by stretching, a part of the inner penis is being dragged to the outside. During the procedure, a part of the inner penis is simply pulled to the outside of the body.

But at the same time fine painless microscopic cracks are inflicted on the tissue similar to conventional muscle training. These minor tissue cracks heal quickly afterwards and form new tissue, thereby setting off a continuous enlargement of the penis. Expand penile tissue: The natural penis enlargement via extension works similar to normal muscle training. The penile stretch exercises causes fine painless microscopic cracks in the tissue, which heal quickly.

Benefits of penile stretching: At the same time new penile tissue is formed which and lead to continuous muscle build-up, in our case natural penis enlargement.

This is a completely natural penile enlargement process which you will not even notice is happening. Some call stretching penile skin therapy or ,,Bodybuilding for the penis’’.

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The penile stretching technique is a basic penis workout, which is easily complemented with effective variations. At the same time it is an ideal penis lengthening exercise. Before you start stretch penile tissue you should run a exercise.

The Penis needs to be completely flaccid during the whole penile stretch workout!

Penile stretch exercises | Stretch and expand penile tissue

It is up to your subjective well-being whether you carry out the stretch penis exercise standing or seated. Start the penis enlargement exercise by forming an OK grip with forefinger and thumb and close the grip around the penis shaft directly behind the glans.

You can place the thumb above, below or at the side of the penis shaft. Now pull away the penis slowly and easily to a 90 degrees position. Make sure you do not exert too much pressure or close the grip completely in order to ensure a continued blood flow through the penis.

Now try pulling away the penis from the body as far as possible as long as pain-free possible. Once you reach the maximum penis stretch position, hold the penis in that position for about 30 seconds.

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Revitalize penile blood flow with Kegels | Penis stretching exercises

Afterwards shake the penis gently against your arm or leg. This will revive the blood circulation. Should you have problems to enclose the , we recommend you practice the . This exercise pumps additionally blood into the glans and makes it easier to enclose.

Pull your Penis in all directions for 30 seconds each time. This is called the Helicopter Stretch (right, left, top, center, down). The goal of this penis exercise is to reach an optimal extension of the suspensory ligament.

After you have stretched penis to all directions, relax for one minute while rotating the penis in a slight circle. Rotate your penis in a circular movement and relax the muscle like you would do during regular muscle training.

To make this penis enlarging exercise a little more pleasant and interesting for you, use one hand, lead it through your legs from behind, grab the and pull it softly back, so it won´t get in the way of the exercise.

Penis enlargement studies have shown good penis stretching results with workout durations of 5 minutes for beginners and 15 minutes for advanced users. As this is an intensive penis exercise, start slowly with this stretching technique, otherwise you might hurt yourself.

We recommend the following penis stretch workout to our users:

30 sec. horizontal center 30 sec. downward center 30 sec. upward center
30 sec. horizontal right 30 sec. downward right 30 sec. upward right
30 sec. horizontal left 30 sec. downward left 30 sec. upward left

1 Min. rest in between sets

If your emphasize is on fast and maximum extension of your penis size, it is necessary to stretch the penile tissue for several hours a day.

We also recommend to support the manual training by using one of the professional penile stretching devices you can find on our website: This way you can ensure a guaranteed penis growth of up to 0,5 cm (0.2 inches) a month! Here are the best penis extenders on the market for every budget.