We recommend not to start with Erect Stretches penis enlargement exercise before at least 2-month into penile workout with regular exercises. Some members have reported they were able to convert the penile lengthening gains with the flaccid penis into real erect size increases.

In any case you should be extra careful in performing this increase penile length exercise. It is a very intensive experience in which the penis can easily strain or, if not carried out correctly, even lead to more severe injuries.

This intensive penile lengthening exercise is performed on the erect penis. It is reserved only for experienced PE stretchers, as the penis needs to be trained and continually accustomed to high strain.

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Step 1

Tighten the OK-grip around your erect penis directly below the glans and keep the grip. Pay attention as to not close the grip entirely in order to ensure blood circulation.

Step 2

Pull your penis slowly forwards away from the body. Do so as far as possible. Then maintain this position for 30 seconds. Upon completion press your penis to the left for 30 seconds, then to the right, down and upwards.

Do not pull too forcefully, practice this penis enlargement technique only as long as it is pain free.