How to make the penis longer by penis length exercise?

The penis stretching exercise results in small painless micro-tears, which heal quickly afterwards, form new tissue and thus lead to a continuous enlargement of the penis. The A-Stretch is named after the sight from above, which resembles the letter A. It is a penile stretch exercise in answer to the question: How to make the penis larger?

In order to increase the tapes elasticity, start with a few minutes penis warm up of normal . Now the penis is stretched and ready for the following free penile exercise program.

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Penile exercises to increase length | Easy penis stretching for a larger penis!

As in all penis enlargement exercises, the penis must be absolutely flaccid!

A-Stretch penile workout

For this exercise to increase penis length one hand is being placed directly behind the in the OK-grip. For a tight grip, grasp the glans with your palm, while the thumb is placed under the glans (or a couple of cm | inches below).

Pull your penis straight away from you and keep up the stretch throughout the whole penis exercise.

Now run the other hand under the penis, meanwhile holding it close to your body. Then grasp the forearm of the pulling hand (near the wrist) in support of a tight grip, while still maintaining the stretch.

To exert greater tension on the penis, it is recommended to gently press down the hand that holds the glans as if you put on a clock.

As soon as you have found the best penis workout position for yourself, start to include the . Through the combination of both penis exercises the exerted tension on the penis increases and so will the overall effect. Repeat these exercises for 3-5 minutes each time with a safe and comfortable grip.

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Fake Arm Stretch | Stretching the penile ligaments

If problems occur in the cause of the A-Stretch exercise because your arms are too big and the penis cannot be wrapped sufficiently, we recommend the ,,Fake Arm A-Stretch exercise. This penile length exercise is identical with the A-Stretch exercise.

But instead of the arm you take a piece of pipe made of PVC e.g. (available in regular hardware stores) or something similar. The obvious advantage here lies in the choice of diameter, which can be adjusted to the penis. This way an optimal penis exercise program and maximum success is assured.

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