The Uli exercise is an exercise for increase penile girth. At the same time the size of the glans is augmented as the | and | is stimulated by stretching. The jelqing advanced routine is practised with a semi-erected penis while the penis root is suppressed with one hand, which will cause the stretch effect on the cavernous bodies.

How to do Ulis exercise? | Advanced jelqing exercises

The effect is similar to the one caused by the original . Although, the Uli squeezes, carried out correctly, exerts a much more intense pressure on the corpus cavernosum penis and therefore is a tougher penile growth exercise than basic jelq program.

That is why we recommend you to integrate this penis expert exercise into your program not before several months into the penis training.
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Uli exercise steps | Permanent glans enlargement and increase penis size

Step 1:

Before starting with the actual Uli girth routine, warm your penis up with the .

This way the tissue will be well stretched when the penile workout gets underway. For the 5li penis exercise we need the penis to be in a state 60% to 80 % of a maximum , like in the jelq exercise.

In order to get more blood into the penis, we recommend you in addition to the Uli jelqing exercise the additional .

Step 2:

Keep up the pressure on the shaft as far as possible all the while trying to move your hand in direction towards the (about 1-1,5 cm | 0.4-0.6 inches).

You will get the feeling of a "pumped penis" as a result of penis and glans getting pumped and hard.

Reinforce the pumping move by squeezing hard on the OK-grip five times in a row.

Step 3:

Slightly loosen your hand , let it slide down the shaft and reassume the starting position. Then repeat the upward move, only increase the pumping now.

The penis exercise should be performed at least five times. Then take a short break and proceed with the next exercise for penis growth.

After the penis girth exercise has been carried out several times in semi-erected state, it is recommended to increase the pressure by carrying out the exercise on a fully erected penis. But please remember to always be careful during the male enhancement workout.

Make sure you do not overexhaust yourself by working out too long or with too much intensity. The traction exerted on the penis by the exercise is enormous and there is always the risk of depriving the penis of too much blood!

The Uli exercise for penis can very well be preceding , because the penis needs to be in half erected condition for both penis enlargement exercises.

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