Pump for penis enlargement | Increase penis size and girth

As with the previous penis enlargement exercises, the main objective of the penis pumping is to stretch the holding band gently and to extend the cavernous bodies to optimize the blood flow capacities. The cell division caused by the extension and the prolongation of the holding band leads to a natural penis enlargement.

Medical male enhancement pumps are successfully applied as therapeutic means in treating (ED) since 1917. With the help of the male enlargement pump a controlled under pressure is created in a chamber the penis has previously been inserted into.

The newly created vacuum expands the (cavernous bodies) through this under pressure. Fresh blood can flow in and an is caused. A ring over the penis shaft prevents the blood from flowing backwards. Thereby the erection is being sustained.

Very soon people realized that this penis pumping method would also allow for natural male enhancement.
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Penis pumping before

For successful application of the method it is however important to prepare the penis before one starts with the actual pumping. If you start out cold without conducting a first, increased amounts of lymph fluid will gather inside the tissue which will also cause a "instant penis thicker effect" albeit not a lasting one that disappears after a couple of hours.

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Many men dream of a longer and thicker penis. Here is one of the most effective male enhancement methods to obtain a permanently larger penis by the help of applying a moderate vacuum.

It is important you buy a penis pump cylinder first. The pumping cylinder should be slightly bigger in diameter than your penis at its thickest point. If you have e.g. a penis diameter of 4,5 cm (1,75") than the cylinder you chose should be about 5,1 cm (2,0") in diameter.

Measure penis cylinder size

You can determine the necessary penis pump cylinder size by the following : Take a ruler, put it tightly around your penis and note the circumference. One other option is to take a shoe lace or a piece of string, put it around the penis shaft and mark the point where both ends cross. Then measure the distance.

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    • + 3,6 cm | 1,4" longer penis
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Do penis pumps work? Yes, but only with the right pump!

Now chose the penis pump cylinder size according to your penis circumference:

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Medical Vacuum Pump System | Male Enlargement

We recommend you buy a professional penile pump device featuring high quality cone-shaped acryl cylinders from Dr. Joel Kaplan to get reliable enhancement results!

The Dr. Joel Kaplan pump system in question fulfills all requirements for a fast, gentle and natural permanent penis enlargement. In any case you should avoid buying cheap male penis pumps from your local erotic store. You will appreciate the higher quality of a safe penis enlargement pump with extraordinary penis enlargement results!

Penis pumps risks

Cheap penile vacuum pump devices are unable to create the necessary vacuum and also do not dispose of the extension models of the different cylinder sizes. Many of them are made of inferior materials carrying potential injury risks.

Our recommended penis pump enlargement

The Dr. Joel Kaplan pump set has a conic cylinder which narrows towards the top. This design feature prevents excessive swelling of the and the . Premium penile enlargement sets also contain a penis vacuum pump with scissor grip as opposed to cheap penile pumps which usually just have a simple balloon grip.

There are also scissor grip pumps with integrated manometer for measuring pressures. With these types of penis pumps it is easy to measure the created vacuum and adjust it to the right level. This is especially recommendable for advanced pumping users.

Quality male enlargement pump from Dr. Joel Kaplan

Buy professional quality from Dr. Joel Kaplan and believe us when we say your penile build up training will be much more thrilling and definitely accompany for more than just a year.

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Penis Pumping step by step guide

Generally we recommend you conduct the PE pumping routine as part of a larger penis workout following the massage techniques for penis enlargement. But it is of course possible to do just a vacuum pump session.

Although the size gain achieved will then only be temporary, which might be just what you want, e.g. before a date or a sauna visit. Important is here to always prepare the penis with a few warm up exercises for the pumping!

Apart from the warm up, you need sufficient sealing between vacuum pump and body to make the pump session a success. Often underestimated in this regard is ample pubic hair. Not just for aesthetic reasons but for better sealing too we recommend trimming the pubic hair along with the use of some lubricant for pumping.

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  • Bathmate results:

    • + 1.8 inches longer penis
    • + 0.6 inches thicker penis
How to pump your penis | Your way to natural male enhancement!

Should you shy away from trimming down completely, it suffices to trim down the area around the penis shaft. However you should consider the size effect the trimming has alone on the penis! So try it!

Best pumping lube

After these preparations, rub some lubricant on the penis. We at Penis-King.com recommend Dr. Joel Kaplan Premium Pumpers Lube or Lubricant Warming from Astroglide, because of its warm impression and stimulating effect on the blood circulation. In general all water-soluble lubricants are better suited for the penis pumping than oil- or fat-based ones as these have the side effect of loosening the seals and making them dry and chappy. Also, the cleaning of the cylinder is complicated.

How to use a penis pump

Now shove the semi-erected penis into the penis cylinder and start pumping carefully. Many of our members reported that the best penis pumping results can be obtained with a semi-erected penis.

Be special careful at the beginning to build up only enough vacuum to hold the penis in position. Especially as long as the penis is not yet familiar with the pumping, an extreme vacuum can cause red areas ore even blisters on the penis and the glans. Although healing quickly these are signs of wrong pumping. The best results are achieved with moderate vacuums.

The secret here is not: the more the better. It is not the strength of the vacuum but the duration of the pump session that decides about its success. For the pumping you best sit down upright on a chair or the edge of the bed so penis and scrotum can dangle loosely. This will improve the blood circulation in the penis.

Beginner should pump no longer than 10 minutes in one session. Advanced exercisers should take a break after 15-20 minutes so fresh blood can flow into the penis.

The advantage of the Dr. Joel Kaplan pump system lies in a) the rapid seal located on the cylinder tip and b) the fact that the user can pump intermittently. Thereby a little air streams from the cylinder when you stop pumping, as long as the tire tube is plugged onto the cylinder.

This makes the penis shrink a little and new blood can flow in before you pump again. If you want to keep the vacuum on a constant high level, just pull off the tube. In the beginning, the duration of the pumping session ought not exceed 30 minutes.

Always just pump as long as it feels comfortable and painless. The best penis pump results will be achieved by regular, well dosed pumping. If you are still a little inexperienced, one session per day is enough. After each penis pump session take a break and massage the penis. Later you can include another pumping set of equal length.

Advanced pumpers do several sets a day at different times. Uncircumcised men will soon realize that the vacuum causes increased amounts of lymph fluid to gather in the foreskin and makes it swell up (goes down completely after 6-7 hours). This natural but not very nice swelling can be avoided by the help of various techniques.

Swollen foreskin after using pump? | Stop foreskin swelling!

To prevent the foreskin swelling of the uncircumcised penis, many of our members wrap band aids around the penis tip. Others use a condom. The right choice of the vacuum cylinder has also bearing on the male enhancement results.

To whom it is more important to have a longer penis should chose a tighter cylinder where the main pull direction is forward. During pumping it is normal for some skin of the to get sucked into the vacuum cylinder.

You can work around this effect by just lubricating the penis shaft and not the scrotum. The use of lubricant, but also body fluids and sweat, can soil the cylinder. Therefore it is important to clean the cylinder regularly with hot water and some soap. Of course your penis needs cleaning too and especially some good care after a pumping session.

Keep the skin smooth with the help of skin cream and nourish the penis if necessary with an oil based lotion.

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Phallosan forte Testimonials

"I looked for an inexpensive method, without surgery, for a long time! With Phallosan forte my penis grew larger with no trouble or pain, while I slept!"

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