The secret of how to jelqing correctly | Read all about it in our penile exercise program free

This very intensive penile exercise for growth originates from an old tradition among Arab men. Fathers have taught the jelqing techniques to their sons, so they could go about their wedding night with a larger penis. This is considered to be a man´s special proof of love to his wife.

The jelqing exercise is one of the most famous amongst all penis enlargement exercises. Almost every jelq program begins with it. Warm up, Massage, Jelqing and final Cool Down are pillars of a basic penile workout session.

How jelqing works

By jelqing (milking) with your hand or with the JELQ machine you can achieve increases in penis length of up to several centimeters, depending on how consistently and how often you exercise.

During the process of jelqing, blood is forced into the 3 chambers of the penis. The pressure on the corpus cavernosum (tunica) increases and the expands. The jelqing training will result in small, painless microscopic tissue cracks.

As these cracks heal, new tissue will build up and lead to continuous expansion of the penis. Circumcised men have a clear advantage at this jelqing exercise, since the inhibition of the blood flow can lead to a temporary increase of the foreskin in uncircumcised men.

If this happens, don't worry. The skin will degenerate again after some time. During the jelq exercises your penis has to be in a half erected state. That means at least 60 % - 80% stiffness. If you have trouble to keep a low stiffness in the beginning, then fully erect the penis first and start as soon as the abates.

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Easy Jelq Exercises for your personal jelq program | Does jelqing fix curvature?

After several days' of jelq training you will be able to create a semi-erection very easily. Do not perform the jelqing technique on a fully erected penis, because the pressure build-up is potentially dangerous.

Therefore we recommend the jelqing method with a full erection only to experienced users who are able to assess the injury risks posed by the exercise much better than beginners.

Jelqing to correct curvature: The jelq training helps you to correct a possible | penile deviation. We recommend this jelqing workout. It helps to straightening penile curve and accounts for substantial advancement in the case of such a condition. In addition to the dry jelqing exercise, there is the option to use a lubricant.

From our experience the wet jelqing method is much more of a pleasure. It is also easier to perform, especially for circumcised men. Do not use body lotion as it is absorbed by the skin too quickly for this purpose. We also advise you against soap products, since they can cause massive .

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Dry jelqing vs wet jelqing | Best jelqing lube

We at recommend Vaseline or baby oil for the jelqing, these products are not only suitable but also provide the skin with the necessary fluid and nutrition. The more fluid the substance has the better.

Many of our community members recommend the Lubricant Warming from Astroglide, which you can buy easily and at a fair price from our partners.

A special feature is the warming effect on the skin, which stimulates the blood circulation during the jelqing exercises for length and girth.

Jelqing techniques step by step | Jelqing for beginners

Step 1:

Before running the jelqing exercise routine, start with a . You can for instance lay a warm wrap on the penis. This way the circulation in the penis increases and the penis gets bigger. For your convenience you might sit down for the Jelqing on the bed or on a chair.

Put on some of your favorite lubricant as well. Now the penis should be in a half erected state. Form an OK-grip with forefinger and thumb. Put the grip on the penis shaft. It is up to you whether you put the thumb above or below.

The important thing is to build up an equally distributed amount of moderate pressure. If you like to increase the pressure, you can also include the middle finger in the pressure build-up.

Step 2:

Now lead the grip slowly away from the body towards the glans. Keep the pressure up. For best jelqing results the motion should be carried out for 5-10 seconds. Do not pull the grip over the glans, stop before it and release the grip.

At the same time grab the penis shaft again with the free hand in the OK-grip and run the same motion again. Repeat this jelq exercise with both hands alternating for it to become a fluent motion. A firm glans is a sign that you are doing the jelqing correctly.

Jelqing Kegel: Should the erection weaken, try a while slightly squeezing the penis shaft in the OK-grip. This will surely help to bring back the blood flow into the penis.

Jelqing how long?

Start with 10 minutes jelqing time. After a while, you can increase jelqing duration up to 15-20 minutes. The jelqing can very well be combined with other exercises from our

Risks jelqing exercises | Jelqing side effects

Run the jelqing exercise very carefully, otherwise ugly hematomas may be the result.

If you feel pain, stop the jelqing exercise immediately and give the training a couple of days rest until the pain has gone.

Start again with a low intensity! In case the foreskin in front of the glans swells up a bit, you are witness to the so called safe "donut effect". It is not dangerous. The swelling will disappears after a few days!

For a much better and faster jelq results we recommend a JELQ device. This jelq machine offers you an equal pressure distribution, which is impossible to achieve manually!

The jelq machine provides you with the perfect shape for every penis length and girth.

The jelqing device is completely safe, painless and comfortable in its handling. Jelq device safes a lot of energy compared to jelqing with hands.

  Jelqing exercise without JELQ device tool Jelq exercise with JELQ device tool
Injury risks very high none
Penis growth slow twice as fast
Training effectiveness only superficial up to 30% more effective
Handling perceptibly uneven very easy and highly efficient

The JELQ machine simulates the jelqing

Achieve dramatic penis enlargement results

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"You can't do these kinds of exercises with your hand! After using this device, my penis is always blazing hard. I've been using the Jelq gripper for a few weeks, and it's been a pleasant surprise."

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Jelqing uncircumcised | Jelqing with foreskin

jelqing exercises uncircumcised

As noted above, uncircumcised men have one small problem: the foreskin.

These men are only left with the option of jelqing with lubricant. They have to hold the skin on the penis shaft while the other hand performs the jelqing movement so the foreskin does not slide forwards over the glans.

You can do it with switching hands, but also with one hand only, which will obviously cost a little more effort. You can also conduct the jelqing exercise in a fashion that moves the foreskin along with the fingers over the glans.

Jelqing foreskin restoration: From talks with uncircumcised men we have learned that with this variant a slight growth of the foreskin cannot be discounted.

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"I'm uncircumcised, average girth. I had a really really short foreskin. With PeniMaster I have my foreskin lengthened so that it covers the glans. I am happy about my results."

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Should your aesthetic requirements forbid this possibility, it would be advisable to speak to a doctor about it. The small medical intervention, which circumcision is nowadays, will help you not only with this exercise, it might also have a great and positive impact on your sex life. For details, see:

Jelqing against the curve | Jelqing correct curvature

jelqing to straighten curve

The Jelq exercise is also very well suited to remedy a potential curvature of the penis by "kneading against the curve". Many of our members have reported that, as a result of our jelqing exercises, they were able to reduce the curvature to a minimum.

Should you feel that the erection is too weak to perform the jelq exercise, we recommend the additional deployment of the PC muscle | in order to pump more blood into your penis.

Make sure you preserve a 60-80 % penis erection throughout the entire trainings performance. If you notice that your penis goes limp, and efficient kneading is no longer possible, devote some time to thinking up an erotic fantasy or an erotic film and stimulate your penis manually until he is back again in optimal condition.

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"Phallosan forte straightened my penis, which had always bent to the right. It's also much bigger, stronger and more powerful than before."

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Jelqing benefits | Jelqing long term effects

Over time you will realize that the Jelq exercise has not only positive impact on the penis size, but also on blood circulation in the penis.

Our practice experiences have shown that after a few weeks the veins on the penis emerge much more strongly. They are much more discernible after jelqing program. You will also experience a much longer erection duration.