This highly advanced exercise for girth aims at increasing penis girth naturally. It is only reserved for users who have already gathered several weeks experience with other penile size increase exercises and an extensive anatomical itself.

The load on the penis is enormous, therefore this advanced penile exercise has to be practised with utmost caution and a lot of intuition!

This erect bend exercise is also known under the name "Plumped Bend", although this can be a bit misleading as the erection occurs only before the exercise and not during the penile exercise program. Before you start practicing, in order to increase penis girth and diameter, you should be fully warmed up . At the outset the penis has to be in a semi erect state.

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How to gain girth? | Exercise for girth step by step

1. Step:

Apply the OK-grip (from above) far down around the penis (near to the pubic bone). Do not exert too much pressure on the glans and don't close the grip completely, otherwise the blood circulation might be interrupted too strongly. Keep the grip until the erection has completely abated.

If necessary, help the process by pressing the penis down gently with the palm of the other hand. Then start to practise the several times. All the while make sure the penis is completely relaxed.

2. Step:

Now bend down your penis for 30 seconds. Should you have any pain in the process, stop the penile training or shorten the duration. If necessary, you can loosen the OK-grip a bit and force more blood into the penis with the help of the kegels exercise.

3. Step:

After that, bend the penis to the left for 30 seconds.

4. Step:

Bend your penis carefully while you bring it up into an arch-shaped position and hold it that way for 30 seconds. Please note that the penis must not be erected during the entire penile enlargement exercise.

5. Step:

Now bend the penis upwards and keep the tension once more for 30 seconds.

6. Step:

In the end you bend the penis softly to the right.