Penile Clamping is an advanced and very effective penis enlargement technique that should not be practiced by beginners as it is not without risk for the inexperienced exerciser. Because enormous pressure is exercised on the penis during the penis thickening workout, this penile girth exercise calls for a profound knowledge of the and experience with penis enlargement techniques.

For the clamping penis enlargement you need a special . As the name already lets on, this clamp device is basically a practical lockable Cable Clamp, which serves ideally the function of a cock ring.

The nice thing about clamping for girth is that you can practice it almost wherever an erection is possible, e.g. in front of the computer, which might make it sometimes easier as you can watch an erotic movie to help with the stimulation.

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How do penile clamps work? | PE clamping results

During clamping PE exercises blood is pumped into the penis shaft, which then remains there. This reduces the blood flow from the penis and helps building up a higher tension at the same time.

Immediately girth gains from clamping!

The pressure increases in the whole penis tissue above average erective levels. Carried out repeatedly, the spongy bodies will gradually expand which helps a permanent penis enlargement effect. Putting on the clamp is not without risk and can lead to injury if not done correctly.

The most common mistakes are the clamping of blood and lymph vessels. Therefore please act very carefully! Please also keep a watchful eye out for potential discolorations of the penis or other unexpected things so you can react in time before any serious damage is inflicted on the penis.

It is normal for the penis too turn a little darker. But if it turns deep blue or black, remove the PE clamp tool immediately!
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Penile clamp instructions | Penis thickening workout

For this penis thicker exercise you need a and a cloth. Cable Clamps can be bought from hardware stores or directly via the internet. The cloth can be anything, like e.g. an old sock.

Clamping tips PE

We recommend a stripe from a mouse pad as the rubber pad provides with a good grip. The material is also comfortable, washable and reusable. Cut a stripe of 15cm | 5.9 inches length from a mouse pad about as wide as the Cable Clamp.

Equip yourself with a clock for the clamping exercises for girth and set yourself a time limit (max. 10 Minutes). This way you will prevent injuries due to overextends clamping.

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PE clamping guide | Penile girth exercise step by step

Clamping wrap: Wrap the mouse pad stripe with the rubber side facing down around the 90%-100% erected penis and place the Cable Clamp around it. For effective PE clamping results, place the clamp as close to the pelvis as possible.

We advise you against an clamping application behind the scrotum, as many important nerve cords are located there increasing the risk of injury significantly!

Create a maximum erection and pull the penis clamp yet faster, provided this being possible without causing pain. During the PE clamping exercise apply the you have learned in our workshop. This way you pump additional blood into the penis and keep up the .

Penis clamping routine

We also recommend you walking around a few steps if possible as this will also benefit the blood circulation and help the to further expand. Exercise time for penile clamping should not exceed 10 minutes. Take a 5 – 10 Minute break, then repeat the whole procedure 2 more times which will give you a total training time of approximately 30 Min. a day.

In the beginning it is advised to rest up for one day between the units as the clamping is indeed quite intense and the affected tissue is seriously strained.

Penis clamping side effects: Should you notice any of the negative signs during clamping, stop the training immediately and do a exercise instead! Clamping gains: Penis clamp exercise alone is already quite enough to gain greatly in penis girth. Still, we have looked into additional options of penis thickening.

Clamping experience PE

We recommend additional penis enlargement techniques and exercises apart from the clamping only to very experienced exercisers (several months of clamp training). So make sure that all additional exercises are carried out with caution.

If you have not tried out yet any of the exercises for yourself, do not start with the clamping for PE as considerable risk of injury is involved here!
Penis exercises you can combine with clamping for girth | PE clamping with hand

Clamped Uli

Grab the penis shaft and press it down firmly for 30 – 60 Seconds.

Clamped Bends

Hold the lower part of the Cable Clamp with one hand. Grab the penis shaft with the other and bend the penis carefully in all directions for 15 – 30 Seconds each time.

Clamped Ballooning | Edging

Masturbate repeatedly stopping just short of the climax. This will keep the penis upright for a continued duration and give you the chance of a longer training.

Clamped Jelqs

As soon as the erection abates, your penis as described in the workshop.

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