Penile curvature exercises | Effective penis workout to increase penile thickness!

This penis girth exercise is a very advanced practice and requires several weeks of experience with the other penile exercise for growth, as the strain on the limb during bend penis exercises can be very heavy.

The penis bent exercise is carried out in the erect penis state, so it is absolutely necessary to proceed with extreme caution and a good deal of sensibility. Otherwise the penis straightening exercises might cause possible skin scratches on the erectile tissue (tunica).

Do not go about the penis workout too high spirited and begin slowly. The name "Bend" stands for the training purpose.

If you have a penis deviation (penis bend), we recommend this correct penile curvature exercise. It helps you to straighten the penis.

Several encouraging emails already reached us from our members telling us that with the help of penile curvature correction exercises they had their problems fixed. Should you observe the (penis deviation) further progressing, we recommend to consult an urologist as soon as possible, as in most cases it is a sign of Induratio penis plastica, a condition requiring the care of a doctor.

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How to straighten bent penis naturally? | Fix a bent penis easily!

Straighten bent penis: Bend Penis Exercises

Stimulate the penis until it is 100% erect. Now enclose the penis with one hand in the OK-clutch (with forefinger and thumb) around the top of the penis shaft, as near as possible to the .

Position the other hand in the same clutch (OK-clutch) directly behind the . It makes no difference whether you place the hand above or below it. Keep the hand on the penis shaft while you bend the penis with the other hand (at the glans) slowly and carefully to the left.

Hold the penis for 10 seconds in bend position. Please note that the degree of the bend shown in the picture is very extreme. Afterwards, bend the penis to the right, carry out the movement only as far as painlessly possible.

Hold the position like in the previous step for 10 seconds. Repeat the bent penis technique on each side for 5-10 times.

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