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Horse440 is an advanced form of the uli-exercise, which refers to Stretchingincrease girth of the average size penis.

The strong pressure generated in the apex of the penis during the Uli exercise is used in Horse440 to exert additional pressure in order to stimulate overall growth of the corpus cavernosum. Therefore you should not be surprised by the large volume of the protruding veins.

The Uli exercise is already a Stretchingvery intense penis trainings method. As the Horse440 exercise is even more so, it is reserved for most experienced users only. Please carry it out with utmost caution!

The exercise was called Horse440 by a member of our penis enlargement community, who himself developed this particular penis enlargement method.

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BONUS 3x extra sleeve condoms for free!

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Follow our workshop on Horse440 increase girth of an average size penis!

Step 1:

First run the Stretchinguli-exercise . For the Horse440 exercise you need 60%- 80% of a full erection. You also need some lubricant for this exercise.

For that matter you can rub your penis e.g. with vaseline or oil prior to the exercise. This will greatly enhance the blood flow in the glans.

Step 2:

Now take up the Stretchinguli-exercise starting position holding the upper penis shaft with one hand in the OK-grip and apply an amount of pressure that gives you a firm grip.

Step 3:

With the other hand you form a smaller OK grip (about 1cm or less sin diameter) and place it very close to the glans.

Now exercise pressure on the front of the penis shaft. At the same time, press the small OK-grip slowly but firmly over the glans towards the rim of the glans.

Do only move the grip on the glans, the other hand remains firmly wrapped around the penis shaft.


This training, combined with the other enlargement techniques will significantly increase girth of your penis, no matter if you sport a small, large or average size penis!

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